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An explanation of energetic medicine:

  • The new field of energetic medicine is a sophisticated, intelligent way of viewing health and correcting health disturbances based on quantum physics.  The body’s health depends on information fields on the energetic or quantum field level.  An imbalance in the information field can cause disease or poor health.  Healing can be accomplished by correcting these imbalances and can then eliminate the disharmony of the health problem, and restore natural health.  Energetic medicine, by correcting the information fields of the body, enables the body to heal itself, naturally.
  • Energetic medicine also addresses several other important aspects of the human system like bio resonance frequencies that influence the system, the electrical properties of the body as well as various energy components such as scaler technology to balance the endocrine gland, trivector therapy to balance the energy fields and auto varhope to balance the body’s electrical fields.
  • Besides addressing health problems, it can also be used for the prevention of health problems by detecting problems in the energetic field before they materialise physically.  Energetic medicine is also referred to as virbrational  medicine.

A lack of symptoms is not a sign of perfect health!

  • Energetic medicine is based on biophysics whereas traditional medicine is based on biochemistry.  It is two totally different fields, however, energetic medicine can complement traditional medicine; by correcting problems in the informational field, it can help speed up the healing process.
  • This is a paradigm shift in thinking to move from a see-able, materialistic way of viewing the world, to allowing room for the unseen connection between the physical body and the subtle forces of our spirit.

Did you know?

  • Every single organ in your body resonates/vibrates its own energy?
  • When this energy is disturbed by parasites, toxins, etc, the organ cannot function at its fullest capacity.

How can it be rectified?

  • Vibration or energy medicine, which works on cellular level, stimulates the organs’ own frequencies (vibration) thus regeneration takes place and healing can start.

Why is Energy Medicine so important?

  • The first signal that something is going wrong in the body, is vibrational or electromagnetic.
  • Damaging frequencies are stored in the cells and may build up unnoticed for a long time before manifesting as an illness.
  • Chemical changes begin to appear and then pathogens like bacteria, virus, fungus, etc take hold.
  • Our lifestyles can create damaging frequencies that could be detected long before physical symptoms appear.
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